AE-27 U.S.S. Butte


Displacement: 11,915 T.(LT) 20,169 T.(FL)
Length 564'; Beam 81'; Draft 29'
Armament: Four twin 3"/50 gun mounts; Aircraft, two UH-46 Sea Knight helicopters
Machinery: Propulsion, three Foster-Wheeler 600psi boilers, one steam turbine single six bladed fixed propeller, 22,000hp
Speed: 20kts; Complement: (MSC) 125 civilians, 55 navy; Cargo capacity: 60,000cu ft/6,000t ammunition

Laid down July 27, 1966 at General Dynamics, Quincy, MA
Launched August 9, 1967 - Commissioned December 14, 1968
Decommissioned June 3, 1966 and placed In-Service with MSC as USNS Butte (T-AE-27). Butte is part of the 33 ship Naval Fleet Auxiliary Force (PM1). Currently in Reduced Operating Status (ROS 90). Active unit of US Navy, homeported at Norfolk, VA