LST-1180 U.S.S. Manitowoc


Displacement: 5,190 t.(lt)
Dimensions: Lenght 522'3"(ovl); Beam 69' 91/2"(max.); Draft, max forward (fl) 13'6", max aft(fl) 16' 3" 15'
Armament: Two twin 3"/50 gun mounts, Upgraded, Armament two .255 mm chain guns, six .50 cal machine guns, one 20mm Phalanx(CIWS)
Machinery: Propulsion, six 16 cylinder ALCO propulsion diesel engines, two shafts, three engines per shaft two controllable reversible pitch propellers, shaft horsepower 16,000; twin rudders, one fixed pitch bow thruster, 800hp
Boats: Two 36' LCPL; Aircraft, flight deck one spot
Speed: 20kts; Complement 14 Officers, 15 CPO, 226 Enlisted; Troop Capacity 18 Officers, 21 SNCO 268 Enlisted

Manitowoc is the second ship of the twenty ship Newport Tank Landing Ship Class, replacing the traditional bow door design LST. Two derrick arms support a thirty-ton, 112 foot bow ramp for the unloading of tanks and other vehicles ashore, additionally, amphibious vehicles can be launched from the tank deck via the ship's stern gate, the ship's flight deck can accommodate most Navy helicopter types.

Laid down February 27, 1967, Philadelphia Naval Shipyard
Launched January 4, 1969 - Commissioned January 24, 1970
Decommissioned June 30, 1993
Leased to Taiwan July 10, 1996, renamed Chung Ho (LST0232)
Commissioned into Taiwanese Navy, May 8, 1997; Sold September 29, 2001
Struck from the Naval Register, (date unknown); Current - active in Taiwanese Navy